What broke my insecurity she’ll?.

Lipstick broke my insecurity shell, because all the different color lipsticks that I wear didn’t only make me feel better about myself,
but made me feel safe,
because I felt like if I have lipstick on.
Didn’t matter what color.
No one can destroy me.💋

Be brave.⭐️

I just want everyone to be happy, because I don’t like when people cry.
Or when people are hurt.

So what if I’ve been hurt & cried so much before I fell asleep.
I learned to pick my head up & smile & find my own happiness.

I learned to be brave & fight every battle.

So do me a favor & be brave & fight the battles.

Just think about it.

What would you do if I texted you & that was the last message you ever got from me?
What would you do if I called you & you didn’t answer & that would be the last phone call you ever got.
The last time you will ever hear my voice,but you missed it,so I left a voicemail & that was my last goodbye to you.
What would you do if I needed you at 2AM & you wanted to help me SO bad,but couldn’t come save me & that would be the last time you could’ve actually kept me from leaving this world physically.
What would you do if I left in paragraphs.
I wrote & wrote & told you how much help I needed,but no one was willing to give it to me & it was too late.
What would you do if you got a phone call stating that I’m gone.
That I won’t be coming back,because I wouldn’t wake up.
Just think about it.
I’ll be 6 feet under the ground.
Would you miss me here?
Would you shed your tears?
Would you think about the last things you said to me & remind yourself that I’m gone?
I hope you take this as a lesson learned.
Tomorrow’s never promised
Nothing’s promised.
Every hour.
Everyday gone by you’ll cry for me.